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Corporate Visual Identity Design
Corporate Visual Identity System (CVIS)
is a strategy that enable the companies to compete more effectively in the domestic market and the global environment.
The reasons for developing CVIS:
  • aiding the sale of product or services;
  • responding to competitive environment;
  • creating an attactive environment for hiring enployees;
  • increasing the company's stature and presence.
CVIS is often composed of three parts:
  1. responding to competitive environment;
  2. creating an attactive environment for hiring enployees;
  3. increasing the company's stature and presence.
Corporate Visual Identity Design Packages

  • Artwork on CD;
  • Cost will be determined on a job-per-job basis;
  • Pricing is for graphic design only and does not include photography or printing;
  • All services listed on pricing guide include usage rights;
  • 3 initial concepts and up to 3 revisions. Revisions beyond 3 will be billed at an hourly rate of NZD 80.00;

Identity Entry Package Picture
Logo design ( basic ), 2 Business Cards, Letterhead, Envenlope.
Total cost (incl. GST) : NZD 800.00

Identity Standard Package Picture
Logo design ( preuium ), business card, letterhead, Envelope, CD label, stationery set, Design manuals, display, flag, vehicle, architectual design.
Total cost (incl. GST) : NZD 3,800.00
Identity Logo Package Picture
4 initial concepts, up to 4 revision rounds.
Total cost (incl. GST) : NZD 600.00

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